Celebrating Spring with APCI

Have a heart that never hardens,
a temper that never tires,
and a touch that never hurts.

Aggie Perilli Communications International (APCI) celebrates spring with a tribute to inspired films and multimedia. Below is an award-winning film produced by APCI’s filmmaker and videographer Joe Wein. Please sit back and enjoy!

Goldfish won the Austin and Chicago film festivals, and was the official selection of more than 100 film festivals worldwide. This film also won both UNICEF UK’s Best Narrative Short and Showcommotion Audience awards.

Taking My Passions Public

As a child, I filled homemade and black marble notebooks with poems and illustrations of my dreams of invincibility, revelations of vulnerability, and professions of love for a blond upperclassman. I’d hide my journals, mostly from my brother who might tease me about my latest crush.

Now that I am blissfully married to my forever crush, I have taken my passions public here in APCI’s new blog.

My mission is to share ideas that inspire a world of difference for you.   – Aggie Perilli 

What the World Needs Now

How did I get into the business of communication and what has been my secret to success? This is a blog post about communications guided by values.

by Aggie Perilli 

Aggie Perilli Communications International (APCI) was launched in 1990 after a colleague had recommended me to Pfizer in New York. My job was to develop a quarterly publication that would advance Pfizer’s vision of becoming the world’s leading pharmaceutical company. The executive who hired me had just returned from a leadership conference that encouraged “three” management essentials: communications, communications, and communications.

I assembled a team and wrote and produced an award-winning quarterly that led to a dozen periodicals for Pfizer alone. Our publications led to strategic information awareness campaigns in up to 15 languages, and to the launch of APCI.

As APCI became known for delivering award-winning communications, my company was hired by nonprofit as well as for-profit organizations.

In 2002, when Pfizer realized its vision of becoming the world’s leading pharmaceutical company, APCI continued to partner with Pfizer and others.

My passion for communication and marketing dates back to childhood, when a poem I wrote about the interconnectedness of all beings was recognized by the New Jersey State Teens Arts Festival.

My love of poetry, said by T.S. Eliot to communicate before it is understood, now extends to inspired advertising, public relations, and multimedia.

Throughout the years it has become clear to me that communication is driven by the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, and our awareness and faithful support of the environment that sustains us.

However it’s the way we communicate that inspires a world of difference.

Observed Towers Watson in its 2009/2010 Communication ROI Study, Capitalizing on Effective Communication, “Organizations that communicate with courage, innovation, and discipline, especially during times of economic challenge and change, are more effective at engaging employees and achieving the desired results.”

Those results could easily apply to customers as well.

One of the world’s most admired marketers Steve Jobs advised Apple employees early on that marketing is more about values than products or competition.

I had also heard that sentiment expressed at Pfizer, and at a conference hosted by the nonprofit Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, N.C.

During the conference, one speaker asked his audience of mostly white male executives what qualities they most wished their organization would embody, then listed them on his easel. His audience stated honesty, equality, trustworthiness, and similar qualities.

When asked what qualities would describe their organizations now, his audience responded dishonesty, inequality, untrustworthiness

Pointing to his easel, the speaker asked, “If nearly all of you value the same qualities, why is there a discrepancy between our two lists?”

With his hands on his hips, the speaker––tall and so round he couldn’t button his jacket––said he knew a quality that would close the gap. One quality that every individual in every organization needed and wanted: unconditional love.

As the executives stared at him dumbfounded, the speaker challenged, “If you think that’s easy, try to spend just a half hour alone with your adolescent child!”

His audience roared with laughter.

To enjoy lasting success, advance the values your brand represents. Communicate those values with frequency and consistency and, before long, people will identify you with shared values and serve as enthusiastic ambassadors for you and your initiatives.

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