Romance a World of Peace

communicating for peace and nonviolence

by Aggie Perilli

Since December 14, 2012, when 20 children and six adults were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the vast majority of Americans have been calling for gun control. Still without sensible regulations, at least 1,813 more people in the US have been killed and 6,434 wounded in no less than 1,601 mass shootings to date. In addition to passing urgently needed gun regulations, following are solutions that would transform violence into peace from the inside out, and for the long term. Included are links to petitions you can sign.

  • Reinforce laws against hate speech and inciting violence. Ignore and replace spokespeople who trivialize or romanticize what President Dwight Eisenhower called “the horror and lingering sadness of war.” Promote empathetic communication and partnerships, and embody the golden rule. Treat yourself as kindly as others, and all beings as kindly as yourself.
  • Strengthen regulations that ensure health and safety. Compromises to health and safety in virtually every industry are exacerbating global warming, and leading to earlier and more frequent cases of cancer and other deadly and debilitating illnesses, especially among children.
  • Balance time spent on electronics and work with physical and social activities, preferably outdoors. Spend quality time in nature. Play without purpose. Read. Listen to music. Engage in the creative arts—as Aggie Perilli Communications International’s filmmaker Joe Wein did here with his comedic peacemaking film:

  • Join or advance honest leaders who are informed and inclusive. Develop nonpartisan solutions that people affected agree are for the common good. In an interview with The New York Times, Israeli President Shimon Peres said, ”The man with a hammer thinks every problem is a nail. Problems are not nails. When there is good will, they can all be overcome.”
  • Accelerate disarmament from illegal weapons of mass destruction, and urgently halt human rights violations and war crimes. This includes the targeting of untried citizens for assassination or indefinite detention; the use of bombs and ammunitions made with depleted uranium; and the wiretapping or mining of electronics.
  • Stop illegal drone and ground attacks. Wrote former President Jimmy Carter in a 2012 New York Times op-ed article, “After more than 30 airstrikes on civilian homes in Afghanistan last year, President Hamid Karzai demanded such attacks end, but they have continued in areas of Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, which are not in any war zone. We don’t know how many innocent civilians have been killed in attacks …that would have been unthinkable in previous times.” Newsweek reported in August 2017 that more civilians have been unlawfully killed during President Donald Trump’s first seven months in office, than the many killed during the three years President Barack Obama fought against the Islamic State militant group ISIS!
  • Insist that the media, entertainers, and public figures champion peacemaking as what is truly safe and sexy. The shock value of brutality is no substitute for empathetic communication and wit. When did modern society become like the ancient Romans who went to The Colosseum and watched killing for entertainment?
  • Be authentic and proactive. Apply your passions and abilities to romance a world of peace, however menacingly some might disapprove. Create visionary and inspiring communications, and be as forgivingly patient and tolerant of others as you’d like others to be with you. Maintain mutual boundaries and be firm but kind.

“The soldiers who are dead and gone…” sang Curtis Mayfield in the 70s. “If only we could bring back one, he’d say that ‘we’ve got to have peace to keep the world alive.’” Is world peace impossible? At 89 years old, Peres said he had seen faith triumph more often than cynicism or skepticism. Realize the only true and lasting power of empathetic communication and partnerships.

How are you using your talents and abilities to romance a world of peace?

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Aggie Perilli is president of Aggie Perilli Communications International. APCI creates award-winning communications, marketing, and information awareness campaigns. To realize your vision while romancing a world of peace, contact APCI.

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